Permanent Smile

Just hopped off the plane at LAX … -nope this isn’t a Miley Cyrus song.. I literally just landed in LA and something came over me.

After Spending countless hours preparing to travel over 3000 miles on a 5+ hr flight, hoping we land safe and sound, then seeing all these famous landmarks … Sunset BLvd.. Wilshire…UCLA .. and those beautiful palm trees with the sun shining through, makes all that hassle worth it.

Once it hit me that I’m in LA… I immediately wanted to go out and explore … but of course traveling with others always leads to the opposite of what you want to do … after everyone got their beauty rest I was ready to start my vacation.

1 day in LA and I’ve already picked up on the LA vibe which so far doesn’t seem much different than NYC.

The words “awesome” the color neon and traffic are three things that stand out so far, il explain more in depth later.

thinking ….

okay il explain now.

I’ve noticed everyone here likes to stand out, hence the neon color.. I’ve noticed a ton of people wearing neon green pants, shoes, shoe laces and shirts, as If LA didn’t stand out enough on the map… its definitely glowing now.

Traffic, well where isn’t there traffic ? … but man oh man they weren’t kidding … morning, day and night that freeway is constant cars! Where are u going at 3am? … take me with u!
if NYC is the city that never sleeps then what is LA?

Cali is known for that surfer, sun and sand vibe but how many times can you say Awesome before its not awesome anymore? … clearly, a lot.
We found a nice cafe in brentwood to eat a late lunch, great location, good food but out waitress was just shy of “awesome” …
I couldn’t enjoy my meal because that word replayed in my head over and over again.

Day one down, 11 more to go..
Tomorrow, Santa Monica and Hollywood…. how awesome is that?



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